DJ Shadow

Η πιο σπουδαία κουβέντα που άκουσα τον τελευταίο τζιαιρό.

Just being in here is a humbling experience to me because, you are looking at all of these records and it’s sort of like a big pile of broken dreams in a way.

Almost none of these artists still have a career really so you kind of have to respect that in a way.

I mean if you are making records and if you are a DJ and putting out releases whether it’s mixtapes or whatever you are sort of adding to this pile whether you want to admit it or not.

I mean, ten years down the line you’ll be in here.

So keep that in mind when you start thinking like «I am invincible» or «I am the world’s best» or whatever, because that’s what all these guys thought.

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  1. 'Ελατο Χελιδόνι

    Respect ρε φίλε. Το endtroducing εν που τα αγαπημένα μου album. Κρίμα που στην Κύπρο εν μετρημένοι τζίνοι που τον ξέρουν/ακούουν

  2. kamni tour kai ena emfanisti stin Ellada opios endiaferete. Pragmatika o anthropos eproxorise tin mousiki kai to dj polla mbrosta.

  3. To productplacement tour kai to the hardsell pou efkikan se dvd me ton DJ cut chemist en episeis pellamos.
    Sto HardSell pezoun mono 45rpm diskous.

    tsiakkarete ena digma:

  4. Με γειά τα νέα ρούχα (πάλε)!

    Θυμίζει μου κολότζεπη του jean που επλύθηκε με κατι κόκκινο!! 🙂

    Καλά ποσταρίσματα!!


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